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Care Facility Orders:

To start a bulk purchase of Cover Ups, please fill out this form with the quantity of each item you'll need in each size category – small, medium, large and extra large. Fill out the form completely and we'll respond promptly with the next steps to finalize your purchase.

Cover Ups:

  • eliminate the "institutional look": a room full of residents wearing Cut Loose cover-ups looks like a room full of people wearing shirts, not bibs.
  • are designed with an easy over-the-head fit, eliminating ties that can tangle in the wash.
  • are sewn without velcro that can melt in the laundry or scratch a wearer's neck.
  • come in a range of sizes.
  • sell well in a care facility's gift shop.
  • preserve costs with a more resilient design than mass-produced cover-ups.
  • respect an older generation's value in well-made, long-lasting belongings.

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