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  • product shot Clothing protection that’s fun!
  • product shotBring back that old favorite t-shirt!
  • product shotA little dignity with that meal?
  • product shot Comfortable. Looks and feels like regular clothes.
  • product shot Unique, durable, and eco-friendly!

Cutloose Cover-Ups:

Cut Loose Creations cover-ups are made using a unique design. The cover ups are lined, reversible, have a front pocket, and fit comfortably like a shirt because they are, in fact, made from gently used tee, polo and knit shirts. Due to this design and handcrafted production, each is one-of-a-kind. They withstand industrial launderings very well..

  •  Reversible
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    It's like having 2 garments for the price of one! It's nice to have options.
  •  Comfortable
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    Goes on easily over the head, fits snugly and warmly over the shoulders like a shirt. No scratchy Velcro or tangled ties on the neck.
  •  Pocket
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    Convenient for keys, kerchief, telephone, call alarm, etc.
  •  Unique
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    Unique, one-of-a-kind cover-ups are made from your favorite team or event tees, polos or knit shirts.
  •  Dignity
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    Looks more like regular clothes rather than a bib, and they're a great way to reuse an old favorite shirt.
  •  Handcrafted
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    Our cover-ups are hand designed and cut and sewn with care by seamstresses in the U.S.A.
  •  Green
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    Made from gently used tees, polo and knit shirts.
  •  Custom
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    Contact us to get a custom cover-up made from your own shirt.
  •  Quality
    Our cover ups are made to last. We double sew the stress points for good measure.  They also withstand institutional launderings.
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